Serving Sayreville, Old Bridge, Spotswood, and East Brunswick for your storage needs

Rental Terms and Conditions



SPEED LIMIT: Do not exceed 10 MPH while on premises.

PARKING:  Do  not block driveways. Do not back up to units. Pull up parallel to your  unit. Always allow for passing traffic. Also inform any moving company  you use to do the same.

If  you need to leave your car here while using your motorcycle or a stored  car, please notify the office for permission or instructions for this  purpose.

AUTOMOBILE/MOTOCYCLE STORAGE/LAWN MOWERS:  If storing a motor vehicle, please place an oil mat under your vehicle  to catch any possible leakage so as to not leave marks on the floor.

CLEAN-UP FEE:  We will impose a clean-up fee for any items left in a unit that we have  to discard after you move out. This fee will also apply if there is any  type of residue left inside or outside your unit. This fee will be  charged to your account and/or your deposit may be forfeited.

PAYMENTS: If you need to make a payment after office hours, please place your check into the mailbox located by the office door. 

SHELVING: You may put up FREE-STANDING shelving in your unit. NOTHING is to be attached to the walls.

FLAMMABLES OR HAZARDOUS OR TOXIC WASTES, contraband, explosives, or inherently dangerous materials may not be stored on or within the facility.

ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS consumption is not allowed on or within the premises.

PARTIES are not allowed on or within the property. 

SLEEPING in units is not permitted at anytime.

ROLLER-SKATING OR BIKE RIDING not allowed while in premises.

APPLIANCES:  All refrigerators, freezers, washers, or any similar appliance must be  completely defrosted and/or drained of all liquids so they are  completely dry.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Customer Service

Best storage facility in the area. Convenient Access for large trucks, Best prices around, clean, friendly atmosphere. Girls in the office are pleasant.....Nick P

This is the cleanest storage place I have been to. I relocate a lot cuz of my job and this is the best place i have seen by far. very nice ladies in the office and the place is immaculate!!...Abby